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If you're interested in upgrading your residence with a new home automation system in Montclair, NJ, Adriatic Aire is the company to turn to for installation and set-up services. We've been in business in this area as a heating and air provider since before smart home systems were invented, but we've recently started supplying these advanced, tech-forward products to meet client demand and facilitate our other service offerings.

Our Premium Selection of Smart Home Devices

We primarily focus on installing and maintaining the following types of smart home system equipment:



Smart thermostats promote energy savings while ensuring that the temperature in your home remains within your preferred range. You'll be able to program the system to power up just before getting out of bed or arriving home and power down during the times that you're usually away. The settings can also be adjusted remotely via your home's wi-fi network.


Door Locks

If you've ever forgotten or lost your house keys, smart door lock technology is certain to appeal to you. Modern smart locks enable you to open your doors using a keypad, phone or other device. This technology is particularly handy for allowing repair technicians, housekeepers, pet sitters, and invited guests into your home when you can't be there to let them in yourself.

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Water Shut-off Valves

Even a small quantity of leaked water from a plumbing pipe or fixture can create major damage in a home. Smart valves feature sensors that monitor the flow of water or detect moisture in areas where it shouldn't be. These sensors then trigger an alert that shuts off the water at the exterior meter.

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A Professional Team You Can Count On

When you hire us for smart home automation services, you can expect to receive a prompt response and speedy project turnaround. We'll also provide a detailed estimate for your approval and utilize top-quality components that are intended to make your life more convenient for many years to come.

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